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Thermo Electron Corporation, USA

Chromate-mass-spectrometer TRACE DSQ

Chromate-mass-spectrometer TRACE DSQ is intended for detection and determination of various compounds (including persistent organic pollutants – POPs) in various environmental objects, and also in other substances. The main elements of spectrometer are gas chromatograph TRACE GC ULTRA and mass-spectrometer DSQ. Spectrometer is provided with prefix for automatic system of sample input – auto sampler CombiPAL. There is software Xcalibur and libraries of mass-spectra.

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Perkin Elmer Inc., USA

Atomic-Absorption spectrometer AAnalyst 800

Atomic-Absorption spectrometer is intended for determination of concentration of heavy metals in various objects. Electrothermal and flame methods of atomization are used in device. There is software WinLab 32. Techniques of measurement of the following twelve heavy metals are mastered (on the basis of corresponding US EPA methods): Cu, Mo, Pb, Zn, Ag, Co, Cr, Ni, Mn, Cd, etc.

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Canberra Industries Inc., USA

Gamma-spectrometer with semi-conductor detector GC2020

Gamma-spectrometer is intended for measurement of radionuclides contents in various environmental objects. Principle of operation of the spectrometer based on detecting of gamma-quantum’s in semi-conductor detector with the subsequent transformation of charge pulses to proportional by amplitude voltage pulses which then are registered in the multichannel analyzer, and then received gamma-spectrum is processed with the help of a computer. The main element of spectrometer – coaxial germanium detector GC2020 (relative efficiency - 24,5 %). There is software of spectrometer Genie-2000.

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Hach Company, USA

Portable laboratory complete set DREL/2400 Water Quality Laboratory

Laboratory complete set DREL/2400 is intended for testing potable water and city sewage. Analysis of water quality is carried out by spectrophotometric and titrimetric methods. The main elements of the complete set are portable spectrophotometer DR/2400 and digital titrator 16900. Laboratory complete set allows carrying out testing of 21 parameters of water quality. Complete set allows carrying out measurements in field conditions. Techniques of measurement of the following parameters are mastered: Ca2+, Mg2+, SO42-, Cl-, HCO3-, CO32-, NH4+, NO3-, NO2-, Total N, Total P, Total C.

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BERGHOF Products+instruments GmbH; Germany

Microwave Pressure Digestion Labstation MWS-3+

Microwave system for the decomposition of the samples for the chemical decomposition of solids at high pressure and temperature, with software.

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Horiba Ltd., Japan

Water quality multifunction analyzer, Water Quality Checker U-10 (2M)

Portable analyzer is intended for measurement of six parameters of water quality: pH, specific conductivity, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, temperature, salinity.

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Durridge Company

Electronic Radon detector RAD7

Detector is intended for the measurement of radioactive gas Radon in various spots of the environment. The range of measurement is 0,1-10000 pCi/l (4-400000 bec/m3). The software Capture ensures input of data to personal computer and initial processing of data.